Hi, My Name is Oscar, and I Help B2B, SaaS, & Legal Firms 2X - 10X Their Business Using Copywriting.

If you are looking for a results-driven copywriter to help 2X-10X your business, you’ve come to the right place. I can help you take your business to the next level.

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Need sizzling web copy that produces awesome results? I can help you transform your site content, drive your conversion through the roof and make you a ton of money

Content Strategy

Looking out for customized content solutions for your websites? I can help develop and deliver a content strategy that’ll meet your goals and transform your business.

Content Marketing

Powerful customer-focused content marketing can attract a ton of new customers and clients who are looking to do business with you and hire your services.

How I Can Help You?

You’re here because you want to know how I can help you engage with your audience, generate more leads, revenue, and profits, right?

That’s great, because I help real estate, B2B, SaaS, & Legal Firms create world class, highly informative content, increase their reach, build a stronger brand, generate more traffic, and ultimately, generate more leads and grow their profits. 

I have worked with many real estate firms as well as B2B, tech companies and law firms to create a formidable industry presence, incredible brand/search engine visibility and great audience engagement.

If you need incredibly powerful content that will guarantee results, I’m the guy to talk to. My content gets great results for clients, period!

I’m able to do this courtesy of my familiarity with the real estate and B2B industries, in-depth research, active compelling writing, and the deployment of a customized super-effective content strategy.

Here’s my solemn vow to you: If you need content that will engage your audience, improve industry visibility, grow your brand and shoot your website to the top of Google and other search engines, I WILL provide that.

Need powerful, irresistible content that will generate more business? No problem. Effective content strategy for long term search engine rankings and industry domination? I’m the guy. Just trying to get some blog posts going? You bet, I’ll do that for you.

Bruteforce Copy is your secret content creation and marketing weapon. I create all types of content -sales copy, blog posts, articles, press releases… any content type really. All of them powerful and positioned to help you generate even better leads, increase revenue and boost profits

Sounds great? Let’s do business.


My mission is to empower clients to use the internet to its full potential by providing affordable, effective, custom design content marketing solutions.

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We are the right term for your business. We have the expertise and knowledge to offer impartial advice and services at an honest price.
With us you’ll feel heard. We listen to our client requirements and then select the right solution that fits. We care for your business as our own. We take a sincere interest in it and genuinely want to help your company reach its potential.

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We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.

Let us together build a flourishing business

When connected with us, you aren’t growing your business alone. We have your back and put in our best to contribute to the growth of your entire team and organization. So, if you are looking for the right agency that’ll help you build a good online presence and bring in more conversions and revenue, we are right here!
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We love what we do and therefore come up with the best possible solutions to help you set and grow online quickly. We are your trusted partners you can count on.